Best Baby Monitor With Longest Range.

Every mother’s dream is to find baby monitor with longest range that will allow her to move for a wider distance while monitoring her Kiddo’s actions.

A long-range baby monitor allows you to do a variety of tasks in the house, lawn and other close places. With the monitor, you can take anything that might disrupt the baby’s peaceful naps and play time outside.

They can also be a form of security for your house too. If you have that one room that never seems to have enough security, you can take the monitor down there when not in use and monitor the room.

There are many of baby monitors in the market. Finding the one monitor that has the best range can be quite a task. Here are the top long range baby monitors that you can choose from to save time:

Best Long Range Baby Monitor On The Market.

1.  Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System.

This Samsung monitor is capable of streaming an uninterrupted feed to you within a maximum of 900ft. This distance allows you to even say hi to a couple of your friends in the neighborhood with a great feed.

The camera captures the images around the room in high definition, giving you an excellent feed wherever you are.

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The monitor has a 5″ screen, which displays the high definition feed with maximum resolution. You can monitor the baby without the need of squinting to get blurry details.

This is one of the longest range baby monitors that allow you to have a 300° view of the room. You can also tilt the camera along a 110° barrier, hence you can view an image with almost an upside down view.

All the rotation and tilting of the camera can be done remotely from the monitor. The monitor is a touchscreen device. The user interface has been updated with the latest Samsung UI, giving everyone an easier time with the operation.

This long range video baby monitor allows a two way sound transmission. You can clearly hear the baby’s voice and cries and the baby too can hear you voice.

The sound is transmitted with HD audio quality, allowing you to speak with the baby without your presence there.

The battery can last for a great deal of time. You do not have to worry about the battery draining when you are away, since even a little charge is enough to last for a while.

The unit at the baby’s room can act as a night light too. It has a couple of calming lullabies that will put your baby back to sleep at any moment of the night.

The monitor also alerts you on the scheduled feeding time of the baby, preventing the baby from getting cranky.


The Samsung long-range baby video monitor has seen some cases of low touchscreen quality. Some of the touchscreens have been problematic to the users, giving them a hard time trying to get the touchscreen to since the touches.

Luckily, there is a warranty that covers this issue. If you receive a package that has this kind of issue, you can claim a replacement of the monitor.

2.  Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor.

The monitor has a 2.4ghz transmission that is secure and ideal for this type of use. This high level security makes it one of the best baby video monitor to use in an area where hackers are concentrated.

You can view the stream at 30 fps within a range of 800 feet, provided you do not have anything that can disrupt the wireless transmission between the two ends of the baby monitor.

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Each data packet transferred between the two ends of the device is encrypted. Any other third party device will need authorisation before it can get unencrypted packets of data.

The baby monitor has an automatic not vision feature that switches on after the light intensity has lessened to the value similar to the one at night. This feature allows you to monitor your baby at night with the dimmest light.

In VOX mode, you can activate this long distance baby monitor to start working so that you can study the room. This is convenient at night when you have placed the monitor far from where you are.

When there is too much noise, the baby monitor can cancel the noise so that the communication between you and the baby will be crisp clear. This feature makes this the best long range baby monitor to use with a baby who doesn’t respond well to noise.

The video stream of the baby monitor is also impeccable. The screen displays a wonderful crisp display that you can see well at anytime of the day or night.

You can see a clear video with a resolution of 320×240 on the screen. This resolution is enough for you to see details of everything in the room.


Even though the stream of the video is impeccable, the screen of the baby monitors is roughly 2.4 inches while most of the other companies have 5 inch designs that look like smartphones.

3.  Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD Screen.

If you need something that you are sure is going to last for a great deal of time, then this is the best long-range baby monitor for you.

The Motorola baby monitor long-range 2.4 GHz fhss wireless streaming technology assures you of the most secure streaming ever.


The security that the baby monitor has keeps away any hacker who would want to study the live feeds for self benefit.

The monitor has a 3.5 inch screen that plays the live feed from the baby’s room with a frame limit capped at 25fps.

It also has an infrared night vision. Technology that lets you view the babies behavior without the need of switching on any lights.

The device also has a mechanism that allows you to see whether the room temperature is too low or too high for the baby’s comfort.

The  baby monitor has 5 midi lullabies that will let your baby sleep at ease in the night. This makes it one of the best baby monitor with longest range to use at night.

The camera can be adjusted remotely with the monitor. You can see every inch of the baby’s room by making the adjustments from anywhere within 200 meters.

The 200 meter range is the maximum distance that you can get from the camera. If you happen to pass this point, the monitor will warn you to go back to a point where there is adequate signal for communication.

The monitor has five LED indicators that should you the level of noise being produced. You can react to the noise afterwards to calm things between you and your baby.

Motorola devices are well known to have a great lifetime. This is no different with this device. The Motorola baby monitor lasts for a great period of time without breaking down.

To make this more concrete, the manufacturer gives a limited lifetime warranties to give you assuring of the great duration the device can stay operation.

Any manufacturing defect that might show up during the warranty period will get you indemnified.


Though at first the camera is great and lasts, it becomes less usable after two years or so.

The people who have used the camera have not expressed any deep regrets with its quality, but just need them to retain the usability for a while.

Buying Guide For The Best Baby Monitor With Longest Range.

When you are trying to find a baby monitor with longest range, here are the qualities that you need to look for if you want to walk out the store with the best baby monitor with long range transmission:

  • Range of transmission:

Choose a baby monitor that has a transmission range of 150-250m. This will allow you to roam around the house without breaking the connection.

  • Quality Audio Transmission:

Choose a baby monitor with great audio transmission quality so that you can be speaking with the baby as the transmission streams in. Talking to the baby can also calm the baby without your presence being noticed.

  • Remote Control:

You need to find a baby monitor that gives you full remote control over everything the camera can do.

  • Quality Video Streaming:

You need to find a baby monitor that will allow you to view the whole room with crystal clear display. Great resolution can help you to note the moods of the baby easily.

The frame limit also needs to be high, especially if the resolution is lower than 640p.

As you have seen, there is more than just streaming range in a baby monitor with longest range. You need to look at these aspects for you to have a satisfactory decision.



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