Fun Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy Of All Time.

Has your kid just turned 10 and your looking forward to revamp his fun and entertainment section? Here we have the best board games for 10 year old boy reviewed for you…..

Some of us love to take our kids to the playground or the park for some outdoor games. This is always so much fun since you have plenty of space unlike when indoors where space is limited.

Our kids are also able to interact with others during the games and this definitely keeps them happy. But then, would playing some of the best board games for kids not make your child smile?

Well, there are some reasons that will have to keep our kids indoors since we have no ability to control them. It might be a rainy day or a very cold day. Too much sun can as well keep them inside.

If you want them to have fun even when indoors, you will not go wrong if you get a few kid board games for them. The list below will guide you through some of the best board games for children and you will choose the ones that suit your needs.

Best Board Games For Kids On The Market.

1.  Hasbro Pie Face Game For Children.

Hasbro pie face is one of the most exciting board games for 4 year olds and other older children.

If you are a fan of suspense and laughter, this is practically meant for you. All you need to do is put the mouth-watering cream from home or a sponge on the imaginary hand of this game’s unit and begin turning the handles.


You are bound to be anxious as the game is expected to go off at any time. You got to keep praying you are not the victim of a splat on the face.

It gets worse if you imagine the situation in real life ad you can’t help but cross your fingers.

If you turn a handle without being hit, you earn a point and if you reach 25 points free from the cream, you are the lucky winner of the game. You can now call for a celebration because you hit the finish line.


  • This popular board game is so much for fun for family.
  • The kids are able to learn about numbers.


  • It is not appropriate for kids that are too young i.e. below 3 years.

2. Melissa & Doug Suspended Family Game (31 pcs).

This family game will never cease to be amazing.  Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game strengthens the family tie as each member takes part in it.


You are required to add all the game pieces without making the balance fall. You got to have steady hands and nerves so as to enjoy this board game for 6 years old to 16 years old kids.

If you finish up all the game pieces without the balance falling off, you are a conqueror I must admit.


  • This fun board game for kids is easy to learn.
  • It is engaging as it involves the whole family.


  • It favors children of an older age i.e. 8 years – 16 years old

3. Hasbro Connect 4 Game For Kids

Hasbro Connect 4 is a classic board game for kids of 6 years and up is great for you if you want to challenge your friend to the fun of disc-disc dropping.

The only thing you need to do in this game is to drop red or yellow discs in the grid.


If you get to 4 discs in a row before your opponent, you are the winner. Once you realize that your opponent is getting to making 4 discs in a row, you can make a smart move by blocking them with your own disc.

After the game is over, the winner can pull the slider bar out to start the game all over again. This can continue till the players get tired of the game.


  • Hasbro Connect enables the kid to strategize as he/she aims at being the first to make a row of 4 discs of a similar color.
  • It improves concentration skills for the kids.


  • There are no hints on the next step to take.
  • The column does not turn easily at times.

4. Mouse Trap Kid Board Games.

Who doesn’t enjoy the Mouse Trap games, one of the best board games for 10 year old boy? Get your mice ‘geared’ and run the fastest you can to the finish line.


This is a crazy board game for kids with a lot of fun that you just can’t miss out. You are expected to build a mouse trap and at the same time avoid being trapped.

Once you are ready, keep building the trap step by step as you trap your opponent’s mice.

Fun, isn’t it? The last mouse that will not have been captured wins the game and if it is yours, you have the right to brand yourself a guru.


  • This popular board game for kids is very entertaining.
  • It has a nice layout that is attractive to the players.
  • It is an interactive board game for children.


  • There are vibrations available in the settings but they don’t work most of the time.

5. Battleship Fun Board Games For Kids.

Head to head battles are more than exciting to engage in. This Battleship Game needs you to look for your enemy’s ships in the higher seas and get rid of them one by one.

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If you want to win the game, you should do it really fast since the enemy will be trying to destroy your ships as well.

The game gets more exciting if both the players are familiar with the game so the battle is not an easy one. It needs a heart of steel to conquer it.


  • This is a luck board game therefore you do not have to stress too much.
  • It is easy to play.
  • Recommended for 7 years and up kid.

Other Awesome Classic Board Games For Kids

1. Spin Master Games, Disney Hedbanz 2nd Edition Board Game.

Spin Master Game is an educative board game for kids that every kid will enjoy playing. Your kids can pass a rainy Sunday in the playing room with this amazing game.

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It is simply a question game that involves “who I’m I” or “Who I’m I not” questions so all you have to do is use your mind to maneuver through Spin Master.

There is a set of four clue cards for each player in the game.

To continue with the game, the player will give you a card from his hand matching what you asked. Take the card, think about the character you are and you will definitely win.


  • This best board game for kids is so much fun to play.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • Meant for 36 months – 5 years kids
  • Playtime is moderate and the kid will not get bored as they play.


  • The wager pieces used in this game can be lost easily.
  • A paper and a pencil would have been included in the kit so as to enable the players to write the answers for pick two and three questions.

2. Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure.

Everyone wants to play this Peaceable Kingdom popular board game for kids.

Race to the Treasure game has won a couple of awards among them the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

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In this game, the players strive to beat up the ogre to the treasure by forming a path from the beginning to the end.

The players think together so as to create the path. If they complete before the ogre reaches there, they win the game.


  • It helps in enhancing problem solving skills.
  • Meant for 5 – 8 years
  • One is able to advance their thinking skills.
  • It is important in introducing children to simple math problems.


  • This fun board game is not beneficial to kids below the age of 5 years.

Buying Guide For The Best Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy.

When you want to make the right choice on something, you have to think about it before you come to a conclusion.

To select the best board games for 10 year old boy, you have to put some things into considerations. These include;

  • Easy To Set Up:

You do not want the kind of board game that takes a long time to set up. It can get discouraging especially for the kids.

The best board game should take just a few minutes for set up and the fun begins…

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  • Easy To Learn:

At a young age, your children would want kids’ board games that are easy to learn.

The main aim of the games is for the children to have fun so if they take long to learn, they might end up giving up.

The complex games should be reserved for the future when the kids will have grown.

  • Easy Cleaning:

A good board game should be easy to clean up, store and maintain. You should settle on one that has very few props which will make the cleaning process less stressful.

All the parts should be well monitored since the loss one piece of the board game for children can alter all the game.

  • Age of the Kid:

If your child is 3 years old, there is no need of you going for board games meant for 8 or 10 year old kids.

These board games are meant to benefit the kids therefore choose the ones that will meet the beneficial effects to the core.

  • Number of Players:

Do you want the whole family to get involved or only a certain number of players? I would advise you to buy a family board game so that the whole family gets involved.

This is too much fun and actually the family bond get stronger as you engage in the game.

  • Playing Time:

The length of the best board game for children should not exceed thirty minutes per game.

This will ensure that the kid does not get bored and will always be eager to go another round of the game.


The mentioned are some of the best board games for 10 year old boy and other age groups.

You can be sure that your kids will not be bored even when they cannot go out to play with their outdoor toys.

Despite being old fashioned as some people say, board games provide ample time for family to have fun together.

Do not let this pass you and purchase one of these board games for children and enjoy the happy moments.

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