Best Swing Sets For Older Child | Swing Sets for Kids.

With today’s generation being all about phones and TVs obsessed, it is no wonder so many kids are suffering from obesity and other diseases.

Among other toys like bikes, swing sets for older child are some of the fun methods that parents can use to get their almost teenage kids to get out of the house and get some exercise.

Swing sets for older kids not only encourage the much needed exercise in older children but also act as a way of enhancing social skills and improving their overall moods.

This large swing sets review looks at play sets that are big enough for older kids but not necessarily suitable for adults.

Top 7 Best Swing Sets For Children.

1.  Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide.

Lifetime Monkey Bar is the best swing set for older kids for a recreational center or school.

The swing set is constructed with galvanized powder coated steel and high density polyethylene to ensure durabilityand strength as it will be used by strong kids.


The Swing Set features 3 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar with gym rings and they all have rubber grips to protect your kid’s fingers from getting pinched.

The metal swing sets for older kids also comes with a smooth and colorful 9’ wavy slide, monkey bars and a fireman’s pole to provide hours of fun.

This swing is free-standing and will require no cement for stability and it comes with a lifetime guarantee because its powder coated to protect against rust, fading, discoloration and overheating.


  • The monkey bars pass right under the top bar of the swings so it’s hard to use them.

2.  Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set.

As the name goes, this Flexible Flyer ‘world of fun’ set will change your kids’ lives and it can handle up to 10 kids at the same time.

The swing sets for big kids are made of a powder coated frame so that it’s strong, durable and rust free.


Flexible Flyer Swing Sets for 8 year olds and above features a wave slide, 2 molded swings with adjustable height chains, rocket rider, trapeze swing, 2 seesaw and an air glider with seats.

Except the black frame, everything else on this swing set is in a beautiful green color that does not fade over time so it will brighten your backyard.

This swing set is stable, safe and easy to assemble on your backyard with or without anchors.


  • The world of fun outdoor playset for toddlers is suitable for young and older kids but it has a weight restriction of 105 pounds meaning only kids under 10 years are allowed.

3.  Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set.

Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame is one of the most affordable swing sets for children in this line for people who want a sturdy and simple set for the family.


This freestanding big kid swing set features 2 belt swings and a trapeze bar with rings and it’s suitable for kids who are below 13 years.

One of the best features about this Lifetime swing set is that it’s made of all-weather alloy steel so it will remain in the same condition it came with even after years of use.

All the swings are safely secured with chain clips on the frame and they have soft rubber grips and plastic caps on the hard edges for safety.

This swing set is easy to assemble and tall in height so even adults and tall kids will be comfortable swinging. It’s one of the best heavy duty swing sets to buy.


  • The assembly instructions and pole markings are terrible.

4.  Kettler Home Playground Equipment: Trimmstation Swing Set.

The Kettler Home Playground Equipment: Trimmstation swing sets for children feature a board swing, monkey bars and rope climb that allow your children to have multiple options for their playing time.

Outdoor Playset For 10 Year OldCLICK TO CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

The swing has four adjustable suspension ropes that enable you to adjust the height of the swing thus enabling it to accommodate kids for all sizes.

It’s also equipped with rust and fade resistant coat finishing that ensures longer lusting aesthetic thus guaranteeing durability.

For safety and stability the set must be anchored in concrete and it needs a little concentration while assembling together but it’s easier when you are two.

This is one of the best backyard swing sets as there is a guarantee that your kids will enjoy every moment of their play time.


  • Be aware that it is not possible for you to switch or add accessories on the set.

5.  Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset.

Your children will leave your house and move into this Backyard Discovery Skyfort because of how awesome it is.

The popular playsets for older kids feature a club house and lower playdeck, swing glider, 2 belt swings, slide, monkey bars and a sandbox.


The raised club house looks just like area house with wood roof, bay windows, spacious porch, balcony and covered entry way.

While the outdoor playsets for kids are meant for older kids, they are also suitable for toddlers thanks to the two-person swing set glider and sandbox below the skyfort.

It also has a picnic table for four below the house, standard ladder and a solid rock climbing wall for boys who like a challenge.


  • The swing set is pretty elaborate so it will take quite a while to put together.

6.  SWINGING MONKEY PRODUCTS Giant Mat Platform Swing.

If you would prefer a traditional twist of swingsets for older child, this giant mat platform swing will give you just that. The swing is made of high quality super strong nylon web and padded steel frame that enhances comfort and guarantee durability.


The swing has a large circular surface area that allows your child to swing in various positions they can stand, sit or lay on the swing while keeping their hands and feet contained.

The large swing sets under $300 is designed to accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds thus big children get to enjoy with no worries.

This swing set has unique features like an easily adjustable hanging length that makes it universally adaptable and the set can be hung from trees thus making it one of the best backyard play sets in the market.


  • Be careful if used by a heavy person the netting stretches a little.

7.  Premium 24″ Spider Web Playground Swing.

The Premium 24spider web swing sets under $ 200 are a step up from the traditional swing sets for older child we had when we were kids using tires and buckets.

Instead of dangerous and cumbersome items, the set has a very comfortable webbed seat and deluxe rope frame for durability and style.


The 24’’ circular seating surface allows your kids to swing in different positions and it can handle up to 250 pounds.

The swing is made of high quality long lasting materials that meet all safety standards so it’s secure and safe.

Premium 24″ Spider Web.Swing comes fully assembled so all you have to do is mount it on a tree or any other platform and enjoy.

Children from 3 years of age can also enjoy this swing as they don’t have to hold onto for safety.


  • There is only one swing so only one child can play at a time.

Buying Guide For The Swing Sets For Older Child.

In your search for the best swing sets for older child you will come across numerous choices which can be pretty confusing.

In order to choose the best swing sets for children, here is what you should consider;

  • Your Child’s Age and Height:

While we all want to buy a swing set that will last forever, you must buy something that your child will use and enjoy now.

The best swing sets for toddlers must have the correct height and features for your child so if they are short it must be low off the ground and have more safety features.

  • Size of the backyard:

The biggest wooden swing sets for older kids such as the Backyard Discovery Skyfort might be everyone’s dream but they can’t fit in all backyards.

Take measurement of the space you have to install the play set and consider other features that you might want to add in the backyard in future such as septic tank, garden and patios.

  • Features:

It goes without saying that the more features a play set has, the more fun it will be for your kids.

Many features will keep the kids busy for a longer time as there is no monotony but you must be particular on what features your children will love most.

  • Budget:

Always go for something that you can afford so that you don’t put yourself in debt. The best swing sets for older kids range from 400 to 1200 dollars depending on size, features and material.

You can get the best wooden swing sets under 500 dollars instead of buying an expensive metallic one.

  • Material:

Your choice of material will depend on climatic conditions of the area, maintenance, cost and environmental effects.

Wood and plastic swing sets are environmental friendly, cheap and safe. However, metal will last a lifetime if well taken care of and it’s easy to maintain if the coating is done well.


Choosing the best swing sets for older child is paramount to how much fun your kids will have at home.

However, even as they enjoy themselves, it’s important that their parents join in the fun to supervise them and also spend some fun time together.


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