Best Travel Crib For Toddler Reviews.

You can agree with me that it’s hard to shop for a toddler travel cot. To help you out, we have reviewed for you 3 best travel crib for toddler to enable you choose the best in the market. Enjoy the review ?.

Traveling can be tedious especially if you are going with your toddlers. But it can be stress-free…but how?

The secret of a successful journey with toddlers irrespective of how long or short the journey is careful planning.

While planning, you must plan to get the best travel crib for toddler that will suit both your needs and those of your toddler.

To help you go through the buying process, I have assembled these reviews of our top three travel cots for toddlers and a buying guide at the end.

 I believe that when you finish reading this post, you’ll be able to shop for a portable toddler crib on your own.

 Portable Cribs For Toddlers

1.  Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard- Best Travel Crib For Toddler.

It is a safe and super-lightweight toddler crib (about 11 lbs), it’s, therefore, easy to pick and move with it around. Setting this unit up is a breeze (can be broken down and set up and in less than 15 seconds you’re done!)

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This toddler portable crib folds small enough and converts to an easy to carry backpack that can be used on planes like carry on. The backpack straps allow you to tote wherever you go. The Lotus travel crib is more than a travel crib but an EVERYWHERE crib.

Has a narrow design that makes it easy to move around the house and also fits well through doorways. On top of this, the narrow design means that that you’ll always find a place to set up even in the smallest of a hotel room.

travel cot for babyIt comes with zip down mesh sides all the way to the mattress without a vinyl edge at the bottom.

Your baby will, therefore, have a full airflow. It, therefore, creates a safe and breathable sleep environment. It’s mesh sides ensure proper supervision of the baby at all times even after zipping the sides.

It is fun to the kids as doubles as a portable play yard; it doesn’t feel like in a prison. So when your baby is awake can safely play with his/her toys while you are busy. Another bonus for this unit is that when the baby falls asleep, you don’t have to disturb them.

In addition to the sleek design, this crib is made from safe and non-toxic materials. Its cover is removable and its machine washable. You can easily remove it and clean after a dusty weekend away.

The fabrics making this crib are of high quality, durable and designed to offer comfort and safety to the baby. Besides, they are soft and tender to offer a nice and relaxing feeling.


The only disadvantage about this crib is size but as a travel playard, it’s never going to be a big thing as you would be losing the element of portability.

From durability, portability, ultra-light weight to the sleek design, it stands out to serve all your traveling needs. This travel crib for toddler is a great arsenal for travelling and camping with toddlers


2.  Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard.

Your long search for a good travel cot for baby could end here because this unit will keep your baby comfy wherever you decide to go. The Graco pack N play is a full feature travel crib with a complete bassinet.

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The bassinet is removable and full-sized to provide a perfect spot for your baby to catch a nap wherever you go. With time, your baby will outgrow the bassinet but with this unit, you can introduce him/her to the spacious playard to spend time safely.

Of course, portability is the best selling point of any toddler travel cot. While most of its competitors fall a bit short on this aspect, this baby unit lives to its name.

It is designed to be lightweight (about 20 lbs), thus easy to lift it up and pack in the car trunk.

Since every parent loves a travel crib for infant that is easy to transport, this unit is surprisingly easy to carry.

On top of this, the unit comes with a convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage.

This unit comes with automatic folding wheels which make movement between rooms easy.

 It’s one push folding button do the magic with your unit (collapses everything within seconds). It is a compact space saver as it gets up to 20% more compact than its competitors for an easy fit in small areas.

Once unfolded, it offers all your baby needs. The bassinet is a full sized one, and the playard is relatively large,Best Travel Crib For Toddler this means your baby will have a plenty room to play.

It’s a fun unit for infants as it comes with a detachable toy bar carrying three soft toys that attract the attention of the child and keep him/her engaged and amused. And this makes it a good travel cot for baby.

The frame is sturdy making it perfectly suited for travel. The fabrics making this baby crib are of high-quality, and this adds to durability.

The sides of this unit are made of airy mesh that provides maximum ventilation to your little one keeping the baby comfortable.

It is also a safe baby unit as the fabrics are chemical free.


Even the best travel crib for toddler will have some few tweaks, and this one was not exceptional. First, the mattress quality is low.  But if safety, and convenience is your priority, then this could be the right crib for your toddler.

3.  BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light.

It is super comfortable and safe baby crib. The mattress is soft and well insulated. It pleases even the picky kids. The mattress sits directly on the cot floor for safety so that your little one can take a comfy and safe nap.

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All the materials making this crib are Oeko Tex Standard 100 class 1 certified, which means that they are approved to be safe and free from any harmful substances.

Also, the cotton mattress cover and the fabrics on the interior of the crib are soft and feel nice against the baby soft skin.

Baby Bjorn has a sleek Swedish design that accounts for its stylish look leave alone the silver colors.

It is extremely sturdy and rarely wobble even when your little one is standing up and leaning over the edge or when another child leans against it from outside.  It is really hard to knock it over!

You can have a clear view of your baby because the top part is a mesh and the baby can also look out.

The sides of this crib are made of a soft and airy mesh fabric; this allows your baby to breathe through the fabric. No worry even when the baby face is close to the sides of the crib.

This unit is super easy to erect. You even don’t have to do anything, once you take it out of the bag its spring loaded poles start to pop in their place.

By inserting the mattress at the bottom, you’re set to go. Its one of the best portable cot after a long day travel with a tired baby impatient for his/her bed.

The fabrics making this crib can be zipped off and thrown into the machine for hassle-free cleaning. Furthermore, it is designed to be lightweight (11lbs). When packed, it will fit into a suitcase and the trunk of your car.

As a bonus, it comes with a stylish carry bag. The only downer with this travel crib is that it’s somewhat big when folded up, and thus too big to take carry on planes.

Otherwise, it is a lightweight and comfy cot for traveling light. It is a cinch to assemble and take with you without sacrificing on the baby’s comfort. It is one of the best travel crib for toddler.

Buying Guide For Portable Cribs For Toddlers.

portable toddler cribQuite often, the myriad options in the market will give you a headache. Buying a toddler travel cot is not easy as it may seem. Think of crossroads! You are there and confused which route to take!

The same scenario arises when it comes to buying the best travel crib for toddler. Here is a simple guide that can make it easy for you to find the best portable cot. Always consider the following.

  • Portability – A good travel crib should be portable; therefore, weight and size of your crib (assembled and disassembled) matter a lot. When assembled it should be enough to fit your child and when disassembled should fit in your suitcase or car’s trunk.
  • Ease of use – A good travel crib should be straightforward to set up and bring down. You won’t want to spend a lot of time erecting and bringing down the unit.
  • Comfort – Your little need to be comfortable anywhere (both at home and away). But not all cribs are designed with comfort in mind. Ensure the mattress is thick and the fabrics that make the crib are soft. Also, make sure there is a good airflow.
  • Safety – The best travel crib for toddler is safe for the baby. Make sure the fabrics are free from allergens and any other harmful substances. The fabrics should be breathable to prevent suffocation.

Make sure the unit is stable so that the baby won’t fall out from the crib.

Other things to look for include;

Basinet – It’s a basket-like cradle where the baby can sleep. Always check for the maximum allowable weight for safety. The bassinet capacity should be accommodative for a good number of months or years.

Price – To some extent, high-quality and performance go for high price. There are cheaper travel cribs that will still work well. Let your budget be your baseline!

Those are the most important things to consider, but there are many others not covered in my quick guide. But, if you’re more concerned with the comfort and benefits both you and your baby will get, you can research more, and this is worth all the effort.

Now go shop wisely and find the best travel crib for toddler that will perfectly suit you and your little bundle of joy.

Happy buying.

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