Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boy Who Likes Sports.

Kids get excited over little things. I will not be surprised if you are searching for gift ideas for 8 year old boy who likes sports for your son’s birthday or maybe Christmas gift…

It does not have to be your son; you might as well have a nephew or a neighbor’s boy you would want to surprise.

There are way too many toys for 8 year old boys in the market and it all depends on what you want.

This task is grueling so you have to relax and make a choice you will not regret. Your kid should as well love the toy you purchase or else you will have done more of nothing.

At this age, the kids is growing gradually they tend to be more active, creative and strong. As a good parent, gift your young boy with toys that will help them explore where their hearts steer them.

Great Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

1. Xbox One S 500GB Console – Battlefield.

Who doesn’t love Xbox One S 500GB Console? It is one of the best gifts for 8 year old boys.

My son is always glued on it after a long day at school. With this, he is able to relax by doing something that does not require him to be monitored.

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Xbox One comes along with a complete game download of Battlefield 1, a whole month of EA access, Xbox wireless controller, HDMI Cable, Power Cable as well as a 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial.

One can also watch 4K Blu-ray movies and view content for 4K on Amazon Video and Netflix.

Your son will be able to engage in more than 100 exclusively fun games on the Xbox One. This will cement his skills on various things that will advance his creativity.


  • It is so much fun to play.
  • One can watch movies as well as stream content with its high technology.


  • It is expensive therefore not every parent can afford.

2. Razor Hovertax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter.

Razor Hovertax 2.0 Hovverboard is one of the best birthday gifts for 8 year old boy.

Everbalance technology has been employed in modeling this electric scooter making it the highest rated among all.

There is no other toy your child would ask for if not this scooter.

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This self-balancing scooter has a cruising speed of 8+ mph, 350-watt motors that are silent thus ensuring a quiet ride.

The 36V lithium ion battery is easy to change and runs for up to 60 minutes for your toddler’s optimal fun time.

It also includes fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator and cool-blue LED light bar display. Two riding modes are enable to accommodate those training and normal riders.


  • It is quicker for your kid to move around with other than walking.
  • It is easy to learn since one can adjust it to a training mode.
  • It has big tires that help the child maneuver through a range of terrains.


  • It is a little heavy for a kid to carry.

3. Space Scooter Ride On.

This is a classy way for your son to move around the streets. Space scooter is a convenient toy that will enable your son explore the outdoor in style.

Did you know that it is an award winning scooter due to its appealing design? Now you know.

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Your son will enjoy riding the scooter by just pushing the board up and down in a teeter-totter-like movement. This is way easier than steering a bike or pushing a traditional scooter.

Space Scooter has anti-roll back protection as well as a handbrake for superior safety for your kid.

Being one of the hottest toys for 8 year old boy, you should not doubt its impeccable functionality.


  • It has a wide deck that accommodates both legs hence maximizing balance.
  • It is easy to ride.
  • It is very safe for your child.


  • It has a lower speed as compared to most scooters.

4. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot with Star Wars Force Band.

Sphero Star Wars is one of the most amazing toys for 8 year old boys you can get for your son.

It is an app-enabled Droid that is able to make movements as well as express a personality. This is more human like than you could imagine.

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When given voice rules, BB-8 is able to get lively and portray expressions. It is controlled by a Force Band by force push, pull or drive. This makes it more than a toy but an accomplice for your son.

It is Bluetooth enabled which enables gyroscopic propulsions to an approximate range of 30m.

It has apps that are iOS and Android compatible that enable the force training, adaptive personality and viewing of holographic recordings.


  • It is very entertaining due to its ability to interact with the user.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The head keeps falling therefore you have to keep attaching it back to the robot.

5. Ripstick Caster Board Kids Gift.

Ripstick Caster Board will take your child to a new world of surfing and skateboarding on wheels.

That is a little crazy but with its skateboard design, you will understand what I mean. It is among the most popular toys for 8 year old boy.

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This Caster Board holds kids up to 220 lbs for as long as they want to maneuver through the streets.

Its polyurethane wheels are rugged for an even firm grip of the tracks and they have ABEC-5 bearings that will enhance a smooth ride.

Other features include, concave deck platform, traction plates, kick nose, and kick tail, torsion bar and a rubber padded handle to prevent irritating the kid’s hands.

This is a sure ticket to optimal excitement all day.


  • It is has plenty of flexibility
  • It can support a rider who is 220 pounds.


  • It is difficult to maneuver through rough terrain.

6. Anki Cozmo Cool Toy For Kids.

Anki Cozmo is the most hilarious of all good gifts for 8 year old boy. What else would you bless your son with to spice up his fun other than this ‘supercomputer’?

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Isn’t it amazing that Anki will be able to know, interact and play with your kid? I’m still surprised that it does all these things and never asks for a bowl of some snacks to rejuvenate its energy. I think you were waiting to confirm if he munches, huh!

It is compatible with your phone and all you need is a free app that will enable more complex robotic moves that will be exciting to your child.

The more he plays, more games upgrades unlock. It comes along with a drive-on/ drive-off charger and 3 Power Cubes.


  • It is one of the most enjoyable toys your son can own.
  • It is very easy to learn and use.


  • It is expensive therefore you have to be keen on your budget.
  • It comes in only one color.

7. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is one of the favorite toys for 8 year old boy. It can support a rider up to 120 lbs for 80 minutes of continued use.

It can speed up to 10 mph with its high class wheels.


This toy features high-torque hub motor for a silent ride, a kick start, a front fender brake that is hand-operated, a kickstand that is retractable, push-button throttle as well as a urethane front wheel.


  • It has an ideal speed of 10 mph.
  • It has a very attractive design.


  • It is not foldable thus making it difficult to carry around.

Buying Guide For The Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boy Who Likes Sports.

Nothing good comes on a silver Plata. Gift ideas for 8 year old boy are in plenty and as a parent, you will find the task of getting the best toy for your child wearying.

I have made this a little easier by listing some of the things you should consider before taking your son along with you for some toy-shopping.

  • Safety:

This is the first factor you cannot forget. A good toy should be safe for your child which means you don’t have to monitor them as they play. They need freedom after all.

  • Durability:

The best gifts for 8 year old boy should be durable. Your money has better things to do other than buying toys frequently.

  • Size:

Choose a toy-size that is perfect for your kid. Too big or too small toys come along with downsides that are even health-hazard.

  • Weight:

Why would a boy 8 years old need a heavy toy? Remember they are not in the gym lifting weights and getting all sweaty. All they want is fun and excitement.

  • Easy to clean:

Toys can get dirtier than you think hence they would need some frequent cleaning. Purchase toys that will be less stressful to clean and you will save you some energy especially if you are the lazy type.

  • Easy to use:

What would happen if someone gave you something that is difficult to use? You will obviously get bored and regret why you took it in the first place. Do not let this happen to your child. A great toy should be easy to use.

  • Portability:

Your son will always want to carry along his toys for outdoor fun. Ensure that the toys you buy for him are portable so that he gets an easy time taking them to the park or anywhere else.

  • Your child’s interests:

This means keen monitoring of the kid so that you get to know what they love. Purchase toys that will make him happier.

  • Price:

You do not have to break a bank for you to buy the best Christmas toys for 8 year old boy. There are budget-friendly toys that will give your son indelible moments. Plan your budget and stick to it.


What do 8 year old boys like? I have answered the question in details. The gift ideas for 8 year old boy who likes sports discussed above will amuse your child beyond words. You can choose to try some of them to jazz up your kid’s fun.

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