Here Are Best Loft Beds With Desk And Storage.

Have you ever considered a loft beds with desk and storage for your kids?

Well, we present you with the top ratedcheap loft bed with desk, a combination of quality, safety and style!!

Kids love playing everywhere they go; in the study room, bedroom or in the living room. A full-size loft bed with desk underneath is a perfect choice for an active child. These loft beds are designed with the child’s needs in mind.

First, loft beds with desk and storage come with a large workstation underneath which provides a large workspace for your child. In addition to this, loft beds for kids with desk also provide an extra storage area for your kids essential.

We have done a comparison shopping for children’s loft beds with stairs on the market and below are our top picks.

1. Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed with Workstation.

Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed with Workstation comes with solid guard rails which provide maximum safety to your beds with desk and storage


Additionally, this loft bed with storage desk also meets the federal loft bed with built-in desk safety standards.

Underneath this loft bed, you’ll find a desk with a keyboard tray which creates a convenient and effective study space.

This workstation also comes with a large shelf where you can keep your decorative items and study materials thereby saving space in your children bedroom.

The loft bed is well made and very solid. It will therefore, support any weight below the maximum limit.


The screws that come with this bed don’t go in easily.

2. Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed.

Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed with desk underneath is perfect for smaller rooms. There is additional storage or seating area under this loft bed.full size loft bed with desk underneath


This loft bed is nicely furnished in silver, and black furnish and therefore looks great in any guest room and decor.

It has two built-in ladders (one in front and one on the side) for convenience and safety.

Additionally, this storage loft bed with desk has upper guard rails for extra safety.

This full-size loft bed features a built-in desk with shelves that provides a practical sleep/sturdy combination.

It is sturdy and well-built to support adult size weight limits (300 pounds). Again this all-in-one unit accommodates a full-sized mattress.


The opening is a bit tight for an adult to get through when climbing the ladder

3. Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station.

Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station is a versatile and embraces trend and functionality. Not only that, but it is a quintessential centerpiece for teens bedroom.queen loft bed with desk


This full loft bed with desk has lots of space underneath so your child can study comfortably in his/her room.

This workstation from coaster features full-length side rails for safety, and the price is budget friendly.

This loft bed also come with a ladder that ensures easy and convenient access to the top bunk.

This metal loft bed with desk is sturdy. The metal frames of this bed look amazing and modern.

More so, the black finish on the frames is of high quality.

4. Loft Bed With Desk And Storage Espresso Twin Size.

Espresso Twin Size Loft Bed with Desk and Storage is specially designed to provide ample space for your child to study, play and bed with desk underneath


With three drawers and open storage shelves, your child will not struggle to find a place to hide his/her toys. That is not all; there are extra and spacious storage cabinets.

The ladder is just 2-steps, sturdy and well designed for easy climbing into and out of bed.

Like other loft beds with desk and storage, heavy-duty steel safety rails runs around the sleeping area to prevent your child from falling at night.

It is easy to put together and come with all the tools required for assembly. This loft bed is durable, and it is backed with 1 warranty.


This bed is heavy and cannot be moved by one person.

5. Donco Kids Low Study Loft.

Donco Kids Low Study Wooden Loft Bed with desk is made of solid pine wood for durability. And the dark cappuccino furnish is ideal for any room and décor.full size loft bed with desk


It has 3-drawer chest and bookshelf for abundant storage area. It also comes with a roll-out desk perfect for a kid sized study space.

It has 2-steps built-in and study stairs for easy access to the top bed. In addition to this, its drawers come with metal knobs for easy access.

Although this bed is not that high, the sleeping area is enclosed by sturdy guardrails for added safety.

It is easy to put together this loft bed because the screw holes come pre-drilled for easy assembly and assembly instructions are clear.

6. Coaster Home Furnishings 460063 Transitional Bunk Bed.

The whole of this Coaster Home Furnishings 460063 Transitional Bunk Bed is made from solid hardwoods, and it is furnished in dark cappuccino making great for any dé bed for adults


With a simple style, this twin loft bed with desk provides a large, comfortable and safe sleep area for twins.

There is a convenient study area underneath this twin bed. Furthermore, there is a large work top to accommodate a computer.

This twin workstation also has a large center shelf and 3-smaller shelves on each side of the desk for storing study materials and other essential supplies.

Each piece of wood come with pre-plumbed bits and this makes it easy to put the unit together.

7. Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk.

Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk is a convenient kid’s loft bed with desk.bunk bed with desk ikea


It is a great space-saver and therefore perfect for small rooms. The white furnish looks great in your child bedroom.

This loft bed has 3 built in and spacious cabinets. Not only the cabinets but it also feature an adjustable shelf for holding your child’s books and toys.

Also, this bed features a sturdy 2-steps steel ladder for easy bed access.

The sleeping area is also enclosed with heavy-duty safety guard rails to prevent the child from rolling down at night.

This loft bed also have a concealed desk that pulls all the way out to provide ample work space.

It is one of the best loft beds with desk and storage on the market.

Buying Guide For The Best Loft Beds With Desk And Storage.

Going up and down the cool stairs, and sleeping up in the air are among the few things that entertain kids.

However, shopping for a cheap loft bed with desk and storage has changed so much compared to the old days.

Technology has brought new designs, and this has made the buying process a little bit challenging.

But we have put together the key things to consider when buying kids loft beds with desk to make the whole process a little less overwhelming.

  • Loft Bed Materials:

Just jog your memory a while to your childhood. Just the way you used to treat furniture in your home, today’s kids are no way different.

With this in mind, look for loft beds for kids with desk that will take on the challenge. A loft bed made from hardwood is the best for kids as it is strong and durable.

  • Loft Bed Safety:

Anytime when buying anything for kids, safety is naturally the priority. The best loft bed is the one that guarantees you that your kid will be safe when using the bed.

Great loft beds with desk and storage come with heavy duty guard rails for extra safety. The staircase must be solid to provide safe access to the top of the bed.

  • Storage:

Loft beds with desk are great space-savers. Before buying make sure that all loft beds with desk and storage that you chose have built-in storage options.

Some loft beds include drawers and adjustable shelves to provide abundant storage area.  A loft bed with stairs that converts into a drawers or shelves is even better.

Extra features include;

  • Aesthetics; consider the painting of your room and make sure your loft bed furnish blends well with your room. A white loft bed with desk is perfect for bright rooms. Also, check out whether the drawer slides in and out nicely.
  • Loft Bed Construction; consider the reinforcement and make sure they are sturdy for maximum stability. Cheap loft beds are sometimes made of poor quality components, and this may pose a safety hazard.
  • Warranty; A loft bunk bed with desk implies confidence when backed with a solid warranty. Not only that but it also offers peace of mind to the parent. Make sure the product of your choice is backed with a reasonable warranty.
  • Cost; make sure the loft bed fits within your budget


As has been noted Loft beds with desks and stairs are convenient and great space-savers. Not only that but they are also versatile and come in a wide range of styles. Although these beds work well in many areas that is not to say that they’ll work everywhere.

So before you give out your money for a full-size loft bed with desk consider; who will be using the loft bed, weight of the user, extra storage, readymade workstation, and the quality of the construction.

With this in mind, you can make an informed decision and purchase great loft beds with desk and storage.

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